Bread Heaven at Hexton

Wow!  I didn’t know selling Real Bread could be so much fun.  When I first started baking, I was so addicted to it, that the the only way I could continue to get my ‘fix’ was to start giving it away so that I could make more and more; the trouble is, that giving away bread doesn’t help with all the equipment and flour I have to buy.  So I became an uncomfortable seller; it’s a bit like standing in the middle of a group of people and saying, “hey, look at me, aren’t I just the best??!!” It sends shivers.

Particularly as in the immediate area where I live, very few people understand about how unnatural additives,  flavourings and too much salt in food can be bad for our health, let alone care. (Although to be fair, just because I know and care, it doesn’t mean that everyone else should care either, I respect that).  So my first Farmer’s Market experience at Hexton on Friday, was an absolute joy.  Wonderfully friendly, like-minded sellers and a gentle flow of interested, like-minded individuals, all there to buy good nutritious food to take home and appreciate what it takes to sustain a healthy body.  With some much appreciated help from my lovely mum taking care of business, I was also able to chat to some lovely people and we are both very much looking forward to the next one on 21st September – check out my Event page for info.

I have a little break from Saturday baking for a couple of weeks, returning with gusto on 8th September.  Please order from me via email/text/phone by Wednesday evening, before 9pm.
07989 134598