Going Underground…

Since I last wrote, I think we were approaching winter and all the festivities that go with it.  Some of you may have been aware that I suffered at least two mishaps in the run-up to what is usually my busiest period of the year; the first was managing to slice through my middle digit with a razor blade and had to be bound-up by the lovely “Boris”, one of the many assets of our local A & E department here in Luton.  This injury was threatening to halt all baking for at least the following 7 days, if not for a fortnight.

 I was teetering on deciding how capable I could be.  I didn’t have to teeter for long; within days of this accident, my back gave way in spectacular fashion as I stepped through my own front door, returning from the school run.  It would be game over.   As luck would have it, I had not one, but two fledgling mini-doctors in the house.  Once they had got over the initial shock of a collapsed grown-up mumma howling like a banshee in pain close to the floor, they rallied round to bring me a chair, some water, my phone and painkillers.  My son and his buddy disappeared for a few moments only to return with a lovely card that they had made me en spec. So there followed a few disappointed customers and a series of trips to my osteopath for treatment.  I managed to squeeze in one more market and get all my Christmas orders fulfilled before my final treatment a couple of days before Yuletide.

Naked Panettones!

 And so, it was with huge relief that I had a brilliant end of year break, with visiting family, friends , far too much food and drink, lots of TV and oodles of sleep which I desperately needed.  As I am the worlds’ worst anti-waster (I waste nothing) I have done my best to continue the indulgence theme through the best part January, as with every year, it comes with the promise of no markets until the end of the month, yey! Mind you, not much of an extended break really, given that I am now baking at least 3 times a week to fulfil regular orders.
 Being honest, my 2016 injuries did put a bit of a wobble on as to whether I wanted to continue with my growing business, as there are far easier and less physical ways to make a living – particularly when one is as smart as I am…(Pfnarr!).  But then came a charming message that was send to me a couple of weeks ago from a happy customer and my faith was restored:-
“As we embark on a new year I feel it important to thank the people who provide exceptional services and products. So Jo, I’d like to thank you whole heartily for your amazing sour dough. I ordered three loaves from Sue Lang over Christmas as my son Leo won’t eat any other bread,and is disheartened when we run out,(I try and keep one in the freezer at all times). Also your panettone is truly outstanding. I understand how difficult it is to make and how necessary it is to hang upside down after baking. Thank you for your excellent bread.” – From a nice chap who shops at the Black Cat Farm Shop, Roxton.