Official Bakery Correspondent to the BBC (Ish…!!)

As you may  know, I keep dodgy hours when it comes to my work schedule.  For the past couple of years, I’ve  religiously been listening to the early morning breakfast show with Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6 music, from 5am until 7am.  It’s most agreeable on the ears, with back-to-back variety of music, minimal banter, a smattering of routine fun features and zero ads, aside from those promoting truly excellent upcoming music shows and biogs.

 From time to time, the show host, Chris Hawkins (aka the Hawk) will read out a short, yet whimsical update, from one of the regular listeners; there is Pete the Market Trader, Karl the trucker (where is he travelling to today?), the LA correspondent and up until recently, Luke the Baker who was relieved of his duties, owing to his lack of correspondence.    I’d imagine that the show is pretty overwhelmed with baker-listeners, with an eclectic taste in music like mine, however when the post became available, my hands must have been the only ones dough-free when the announcement came over the airways about the position being available.  I jumped at the chance and offered my services, texted in and lo and behold, the job was mine!  I was to submit my first offering for the following morning; “kind of mundane and with a punchline,” was my brief.  I passed with flying colours.  I am assuming you get up at a much more respectable hour than I do, so the transcripts are on this blog for you to read at your leisure, although I can thoroughly recommend the show for it’s music quality alone, let alone and silliness that I contribute once in a while.