Power to the Flour!

By jingo, (as my lovely Gran says) have I got some exciting news to tell!  The first bit of news, is that having fiddle faddled (my words) around with the idea of teaching how to make Real Bread myself from home,  I

am actually going to do it, starting in January 2014!!!

My first forays into teaching have been successful, a few sessions at Jean Christophe Novelli’s Academy school and more recently with a couple of friends, who I think have definitely caught the baking bug.  So in the shadow of the ever popular, Great British Bake-Off, I have finally put all the detail that was in my head, down into print, and you can find all the details if you’d like to book, jump to the page here for details:
Power to the Flour – Bread Making Course

An Apple in the hand is worth 2 in the Loaf?

After what turned out to be a fabulous summer, autumn is now upon us and I’ve already donned my foraging hat.  I happened to spy a couple of apple trees on the side of the road in full fruit mode and as the weather was threatening to produce a major upchuck of wind and rain, I thought it best to take action fairly swiftly.  So packing bags and a small step-ladder into the car, myself and my neighbour – also  a FoFF (Fond of Free Food) braved a downpour to gather as many from the branches as we could manage.  When I say manage, it’s all very well picking bushels and bushels of apples, but there is only so much apple crumble you can eat!  (In fact, I’ve just discovered I can’t eat crumble at all, it disagrees with me dreadfully).  So I decided to put mine into a loaf, and hey presto, the harvest Apple and Walnut loaf was born!  Even if I say so myself, it’s my favourite loaf of the month – wholly delicious and incredibly moreish.