Just Call Me The Bag Lady

It’s half term in the bakery and I have been enjoying spending some time with my little dude.  Recently, for the last farmers market at Hexton, I had some T-shirts made up for my mum and I to wear as ‘uniforms’.  It seemed the right thing do to create a smaller version for my son and I feel no remorse for using him has a human sandwich board, as he truly is my bread’s bread fan.  Just a few weeks ago we had some friends to dinner for a curry and I’d made some naan bread.  I’m sure the teachers at my son’s school must’ve been puzzled to see a 4 year old devour a cream-cheese leftover spiced naan for his packed lunch, but he loved it – nothing goes to waste in our house.

I returned home yesterday to find 50 kilos of French flour on my doorstep, so that I can continue what is fast becoming a bit of an addiction in the bakery – my baguettes!!  I only started making them about 6 or 7 weeks ago and they are very popular.  I’m really pleased as I have been enjoying making little tweaks along the way to master the method and they are now a permanent fixture on my Loaves Menu.

Aswell as catching up with my son and my son’s (my!) friends this week, I’m baking for a NEW farmers market on Friday, at the Village Hall in Great Offley.  It’s from 10am until 3pm and it is being officially opened by Jean Christope Novelli, a local French chef famed for his cookery school and various appearances on the tele.  I think the local press might be there too.  I must say, I am quite excited, particularly as he only lives about 10-15 minutes’ walk from my home and that he might get to taste my bread!No pressure then…  
Next Bakes:-
Friday, 2nd November 10am, Offley Farmer’s Market, Village Hall. 10-3pm, no need to pre-order, just come early before I sell out.  On sale will be:-Wholemeal Rye, Wholemeal Spelt, 40/60, Light Rye, Malted Grain, Sun-dried Tomato Focaccia and Baguettes.
Friday, 9th November 11am, Kings Walden Farmer’s Market, Village Hall. happy to accept advance orders, please by 7pm 5th November.
Tuesday, 13th November  – pre-orders only by 7pm, Saturday, 10th November.
Friday, 16th November 1pm, Hexton Farmer’s Market, St Mary’s Church, happy to accept advance orders, please by 7pm 12th November.

Bread Heros, Markets and Sore Legs

I didn’t think it would be quite this long since my last blog, but as usual, I’ve been very very busy.  My little man is settling into full time school this week.  I was kind of expecting to find large pockets of time that would be fun to fill, but thus far, I have filled every waking moment with jobs that are long overdue.  But enough about my DIY and housework, let me tell you what’s happened since I last wrote.
A week or two ago saw my second outing at the Hexton Farmers Market. This time, I really pushed the boundaries and was offering two new varieties and baguettes; all in all, about 25 more loaves than last time.  Conversely, this is nearly about the same amount of loaves that remained unloved by the end of the day.  At least next time I’ll know not to do as many and it should be easier.  I had more help from my lovely family, with my brother helping me get ready for the big bake, my mum helping me on the market day and my mother in law helping with childcare.  Despite all the masses of preparation and organising, it is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next one in about two weeks’ time.  Then in November, there will be THREE!!  Offley, Kings Walden and Hexton (check out my Event Page for more info).

 The inaugural Cake and Bake Show was on at Earls court last weekend and I was lucky to have bought a ticket a few months in advance.  (Apparently they were like gold dust and were selling on eBay for about 80 quid!).  It was to be my day of fun, with nobody to please but myself.  

I caught the 9.10 train into London and arrived at the show in good time to get a good seat at ‘The Bakery’ before the first demonstration.   

Here, I made sure that I got a front row seat each time to watch and listen to my bread heros – Tom Herbert, (The Fabulous Baker Brothers) Aiden Chapman (as featured on River Cottage a lot) and Richard Bertinet (an icon in bakeryworld).  I had some great conversations with other members of the Real Bread Campaign and the Soil Association and as well as getting photos of me with all of my baker-heros, I also had one with the gorgeous contestants of the Great British Bake-Off.  The show was so packed (mainly with women cupcake makers) there were huge queues for the refreshment and toilet facilities; I am glad I didn’t bother queuing up for a drink otherwise I would have had to queue again equally as long for a wee! 

Just this past week, I have started a new keep fit regime at the brand new ‘Inspire’ sports centre in Luton, which has a gym, dance studio and swimming, amongst other facilities.  I’ve never been very disciplined to go to a gym before, but now that the lad is in full time education, I’ve been able to slip in a few visits.  Swimming last week.  Legs, Bums, Thighs and Tums yesterday and today, I went spinning.   Tomorrow, I shall be lucky if I make it down the stairs, my legs are in so much pain.
FOLKS!!  Baking this Saturday as usual!!Please let me have your orders as soon as possible and no later than Thursday at 8pm.