Mayday, Mayday!

Wow.  I am glad those two weeks are over.  I have an unusual real job, in that I work pretty much from home and can work when it suits me (as long as I reach my deadlines, of course).  But for the past two weeks, my job has taken me away from home and baking and into a warehouse, where along with another work buddy, we have been merchandising all kinds of grocery items onto mock supermarket shelves and chillers.  It’s been a tough challenge but the worst is over.  Tomorrow, I return to the ‘shed’ as it is affectionately known, laden with my purchases from several supermarkets, in order to swap over some of the products on the shelves (mainly meat) that will have gone bit nincky, since last week.  I am looking forward to getting back to normal, but alas, I fear in two weeks time there will be more stuff to do in the shed. At least the money helps to support keeping my little bakery going.

Talking of the bakery, I am happy to say that I have just started supplying The Lounge Cafe at Stopsley Baptist Church with my Rosemary Focaccia aswell as my malted loaves, so if anyone needs a fix outside of my baking days, get yourselves down there for a lovely lunch.  I have dropped a baking day for the time being – I am only baking on Tuesdays and Saturdays now – it’s just been a bit too much to do 3 at the moment. 

So for those of you wanting good tasting, nutritious, guilt free healthy bread for this Saturday, check out my how to order page and I’ll see you between 9.15 and 10.30!

And for those of you who are still not convinced how bad    supermarket bread is for you, check out this article from the daily mail last year – scroll down to the pink table if you are short of time.