If Music be the Food of Love…

I’m so Roanree…(me at my tasting event in July)

Well I had a good weekend!  I was on the Radio.  To be specific, it was Nick Coffers Weekend Kitchen on BBC Three counties. I was delighted to be asked to be on a couple of months ago and was really nervous Saturday morning when the day arrived.  I was one of 3 guests – Ruth Hurren, owner of Darcy’s, a very successful restaurant in St Albans (just celebrated 10 years!) and Joe Amos, who like myself is a total food fanatic and a very nice bloke to boot. We all had an hour to prep our dishes to present and taste over the airwaves and then led by the absolutely charming Nick Coffer, we sat, chatted and ate throughout the 2 hour show.  It was incredible fun, I loved meeting Nick and my fellow guests and was only disappointed by the fact that the show didn’t have ANY of my song choices to play during the programme.  I guess I must have very eclectic tastes!  If anyone missed it and wants to stick it on whilst ironing or something to see what I had to say, you can listen again through this link:

I also found out last night, that my absolute food hero, Raymond Blanc, paid a visit to the Redbournbury Watermill in St Albans, just 2 days before I had been there! He is opening a Petit Blanc Restaurant in St. Albans and was checking out all the local suppliers.  Just the thought that I have walked in his footsteps, the fact that he may well have seen my recipe cards displayed at the mill, gives me massive waves of excitement; I have so much admiration for this man who has passion in abundance for good food and good ingredients in a way that totally inspires me. Incredible.  I wonder if he’s looked me up on the Real Bread finder on the Real Bread Campaign’s Website? Imagine if he wanted to check out MY bread!  I think I would pass out.
I had visited the Mill to pick up my 4 bags of flour for the coming week; I have to be careful though, shifting 100kg of flour is no mean feat – thank you to my husband for getting it out of my boot and to the Mill for getting it in.  I will be selling my bread at the Hexton Farmer’s Market this Friday, so I am spending a lot of time this week planning and making sure it will all go to plan.  Thankfully, my mum is going to help out on the Friday.  We’d love to see you there from 1pm.  If I sell out, I’m not hanging around! I am aiming to take about 66 loaves made up of my 3 classic loaves, Spelt and also two types of Focaccia bread.
Next Bakes:Friday 17th August (collect from Hexton Market, unless prior arrangement in place)Saturday, 25th August (local delivery 9-9.15am/collect from home 9.15 until 10.30)Saturday, 8th September (local delivery 9-9.15am/collect from home 9.15 until 10.30)