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We are in very difficult times.  Each day, I wake, get dressed, get in the van, drive to the bakery and then on the way, I have the same thought,

“Ooo!  The world is really different!”

I did think I might be able to take some isolation time with my little family to catch my breath, do my filing, tidy, organise – maybe cook more, maybe plan.  But instead, I find myself busier than ever, even with 4 wholesale customers down, no markets to do, I’ve increased wholesale orders, private orders from regulars and new customers wanting to discover Real Bread at an alarming rate.

So forgive me if I can’t take your order, as it’s really difficult to manage when I have to work out everything single handedly throughout this crisis.  There are plenty of local places you can collect my bread, so I would ask if you can, support me through supporting these small local business that are remaining open and buy your loaves (and other goods!) from them.

Check out my  “Where Can I Buy” page on this site for information.  Thank You!