Managing My Starters

I have returned to Luton this week, after spending a fabulous week away in Cornwall with dear friends, followed by 2 days on a pig farm in Devon with just hubby and little man.  To think that the weather was forecast to be cold wet and rainy, we only really got wet once throughout the entire time; we made it on to the beach twice and were treated to some truly spectacular walks along the coastal path of my favourite place in the world.  Our friends with whom we shared our holiday home also share our view that if you really want to chow down on good food, you need to splash out on good ingredients and dine in. Plus it is a heck of a lot more economical! Unfortunately my waistline has suffered quite a bit and needless to say, when my membership to the new Inspire gym in Luton kicks in next week, I shall be hoping to see if I can shed a pound or two (and not just from my purse).
Whilst I was away, I took far too many clothes to wear; it is really difficult to pack for weather which may or may not be warm/hot/raining/cold.  I also packed a couple of kilos of flour and my starter, so that I could still bake a little during the first week and provide all the bread that we would need.  Obviously, my little sourdough starter had to fed at least daily and follow me from the self-catering ‘cottage’ in Cornwall, to the delightful Devonshire farm – where we were B&B-ing.  I had pre-weighed flour, packed my digital scales and my starter in our farm-stay luggage, so I could continue to feed it.     I chuckled to my eccentric self, wondering what the owners would think when they found a nappy bag in the bin with gooey sloppy mess in… (when you feed a starter, you need to chuck half each time).  Luckily though, the farmer’s wife was no stranger to sourdough and she said that she would take some off my hands for her son-in-law who has had a previous dabble in making sourdough bread.  I have since emailed him detailed instructions and I am hoping he will keep me informed of his progress.

My other little starter that I have to manage is my little boy, who will be starting school for the first time next week.  My husband and I have been talking to him about it and we never know if we are talking about it too much or too little, if he’s worried or happy about it.  But today, we bought him some new school shoes and he’s been happily trying them on every 5 minutes.  I even got him to pose (a rarity!) in his uniform so we could take a photograph.  I am so proud of him and I will miss having him around once he’s tucked up in school.  I’m sure I will come to terms with this milestone in his life and be able to fill the void with a little hobby I’ve been practising tho…

Next Bakes:-
THIS Saturday, 8th September, collection from Tameton Close
Tuesday, 11th September, Malted or Focaccia OnlySaturday, 15th September, collection from Tameton Close, Pre-order by Thursday PMTuesday, 18th September, collection from Tameton Close, Pre-order by Sunday PM
Friday, 21st September, I will be at Hexton Farmer’s Market 1pm until 4pm – No Pre-orders.
No Baking on Saturday 22nd September, I am going to the Cake & Bake Show in London
Saturday, 29th September, collection from Tameton Close, Pre-order by Thursday PMEtc. etc.