Oven You, Oven Me! Aha!

My lack of baking recently was not only my wonderful holiday with my family in Majorca, but also the birthdays of my son and myself. I had some wonderful presents, including some bakery related goodies. I now have a set of scales (mains adapted!) that are better suited to my needs than my Argos special from Salter. I also have lots of lovely vouchers for Bakery Bits – suppliers of bakeware and well, bakery bits! I currently have granite worktops which is lovely to knead on, but it is rather cold and tends to take the warmth out of the dough. So I was given this beautiful solid work board, of huge proportion and look! It’s got my name on it. 

The second big news of the the week, is that I have finally taken the plunge and found an oven that I hope will be a welcome addition to my bakery (which is still my kitchen for the moment). I am collecting it from a lovely lady who has expanded to a new cafe and no longer has a use for it. I pick it up Friday from over 100 miles away and I am hoping to squeeze it into my car and give it a new home. All being well (and clean!) I intend to experiment with it for this Saturday’s bake! Risky, but I reckon it’ll be Ok.

The biggest news of the week is that my closest friend has asked me to be godmother to her three adorable children.  What a week. Does anyone love their life more than I?