Learning to Play the Banjo

It occurs to me that life is way too short to cram in all the things that I would like to do.  So I generally bungle along (albeit in a serial organised way) doing what I can remember that I must be doing at the time.  I have just returned from a fabulous week away in Mallorca with my husband, son and mother-in-law.  We had wall-to-wall sunshine and I didn’t have to wear socks or long-sleeves even once.   Whilst I was away, I couldn’t do any of the things that I do on a daily basis when I’m home.   I obviously couldn’t cook or bake (not possible in a studio apartment).  I couldn’t watch the tele (not that I watch much of that anyway) and I couldn’t web-surf or nosey on facebook – too scared to ramp up data roaming charges.  So all that was left was to finish my book that I’d started 3 month’s earlier, dig in the sand, swim, sunbathe, sleep and eat.  It’s no wonder that I put on 4 pounds.
I was expecting to come back on Thursday, returning straight back to work today, with the prospect of another mad two weeks in ‘the shed’.  But I have had a bit of a reprieve and things have been delayed until further notice. Despite this, it is with some reticence that I may now have a free-er week than I originally thought.  This has thrown my brain into a complete muddle, as all the things that I have been wanting/meaning to do for a long time that have been supressed by the absolute HAVE to do work tasks, are now floating around near the surface all vying for attention.  In isolation, all tasks are not nearly so daunting, but when you add them all together, they are going to take up more time than you physically can give.  For example, my son recently had a birthday (as did I). I have a bounty of thank you notes to write. He and I both have cards to re-read and tidy away/re-cycle.  There is lego to build.  Books to read.  Old toys to recycle and new toys to tidy away.  We have a reasonably sized 4 bed house. I would have to say, two of the rooms (ours and that of the boy) are tidy(ish).  The other two are fast becoming dumping grounds for anything and everything for which we have no permanent home or no time to deal with straightaway. My small hobby bakery business needs my attention, else I risk making it even smaller, although my excuse for hanging back a bit is the fact that my son is only a couple of months from full time education – he comes first.
 A few weeks ago, my mum gave me her 5-string banjo to sell for her on ebay.  It was a gift to her from my Stepfather when they married nearly 25 years ago. She had always wanted to learn how to play.  How ironic that I am now keeping it in my spare room, in the hope that it will strum out it’s first proper tune with my fingers.  I wonder when I will get around to that.
My friends, we are so time poor in this life.  At least I can be happy with that fact that I am NEVER bored.  Maybe it’s a baker thing??
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