Flour to the People!

It has been a busy week in the bakery.  I am now pleased to have a weekly standing order from a local café, just a few loaves but every little helps!  I had my biggest Saturday ever , with 16 standard loaves (no specials L) out of the oven on time.  Mind you, it wasn’t difficult, as I had been awake since 11.42pm the night before;  my son woke up wanting a wee and I just couldn’t seem to drop off after that.  I also created my first wheatsheaf loaf for the local church children’s centre, to be their centrepiece for harvest festival week.  I was very proud of my efforts and it has been nicely varnished so that it will keep for a little while.  Hopefully no one will try and eat it.  I am also, as I write, proving my first ‘mill’ loaf made with 100% natural leaven  and a cheeky cocktail of my organic flours.  If successful, this will be my first tick in the box for a sourdough that I will add to my range. 
I am now taking orders for Thursday, (delivery to Hullaballoo) – there will be no deliveries the following week as it’s half term but if anybody still wants to purchase a loaf or two, best to get in touch – I’ll be baking next WEDNESDAY (26th October) instead – please can I have at least 24 hours notice for each order.
Next Bake Days:Tuesday, 18th OctoberThursday, 20th OctoberSaturday, 22nd OctoberWednesday, 26th OctoberSaturday, 29th OctoberEtc..