A Lonely Night on Baker’s Sleep

I find myself here, once again on a Saturday morning, asking myself why did I not get any sleep last night? It started last week, when I went to bed quite reasonably at around 10, knowing that I had to be up at 5.30 for the Saturday bake.  I think I got to sleep pretty quickly, until my son woke us both with cries at 11.42pm.  I leapt out of bed, settled him down and then returned thinking, I’ve got hours left, goody.  Not to be.  Awake for the whole night.  So last night, after having a long (and long awaited) chat with a dear friend, I returned to watching my film choice of the evening, which went on far longer than expected or was comfortable.  In bed just past 11, I tried my dropping off technique – comfortable -tick, eyes closed- tick, empty bladder – tick.  11.30 came and went.  Mt husband arrived soon after and I had to feign sleep for fear of taking me out of the zone. 12.30am.  Then at 1.11am, I thought to myself, well, if I can drop off by 1.30, I’ll still have 4 good hours. Not to be. I think I must have been awake for at least an hour after that and I woke and dropped off once more at some point.  I woke up naturally at around 5.14am – though how natural can it be after 3 hours sleep??  Maybe my body has truly adjusted to Bakers’ Time; part of me feels excited and exhilarated that having entered this phase, I can now call myself a fully fledged baker, although the other half of me feels that I am now a fledgling insomniac.