Has Autumn Arrived?

I find myself bathed in sunshine today, as I paint a wall in my kitchen a beautiful shade of tapestry green.  Last week’s weather has been wonderfully warm and sunny and whilst harvesting the remaining green tomatoes from my vines, I couldn’t help thinking, but where did our summer go this year?  It’s all very well having sunshine now, but with the evenings drawing in, last of the blackberries picked and apples scooped from the ground, my thoughts are most definitely turning to a nice cosy autumn.  For me, this means baking and preserving the things that I’ve foraged or been given from my lovely family and friends or creating something exciting for Christmas, such as Christmas pudding, blackberry vodka and the hottest pickled onions you’ve ever tried.

I am baking loaves this week as usuall on Tuesday and Saturday, but also Thursday, for the lovely mummies at Stopsley Baptist Church. Last week saw my first attempt at baking every day for National Craft Bakers week and I can report no casualties, except for my own SourDough bread, which I am still trying to perfect. Congratulations to Jacqui who ordered my 100th loaf last week – she got it for free!  Have a good week everyone, make the most of the sunshine, I think this could it for a little while.

National Craft Bakers Week! 19th – 24th September

National Craft Bakers Week has been designated by the National Association of Master Bakers to raise the profile of us smaller community bakers  and encourage appreciation of having a local baker who bakes fresh products right in the heart of the community through in-store tastings, special promotions and school competitions.  

As I am a recent a newcomer, I hadn’t quite managed to plan any activities for this week, however, I am fast approaching the sale of my 100th loaf, therefore in celebration of this special week for all bakers, whoever orders that 100th loaf in my order book, can have the loaf for free!  I am also baking EVERY DAY this week, (mainly experimental!) so if anybody would like a fresh loaf, please contact me by 9pm the night before.  Thank you!

Back from Holiday and Ready to Bake!!

Yes, even us busy bakers need a rest from time to time! I am glad to have returned safely from a week in Cornwall and after playing dodge the rain droplets I am looking forward to getting back to slapping about a bit of dough.

I am returning to my usual Tuesday and Saturday Bake days, so please have a look at my loaves menu and email me by 9pm the day before, with your order.


First Loaves of the day are in.

Just taking 5 minutes to update – I have first batch of loaves in the oven and others rising nicely on the side. So far a stress free bake day, not that making bread is ever stressful, many strenuous and thoughtful moments are had.  My thoughts turn to what to do today- I am in two minds about travelling to a wildlife park today with my son – he’s not in the best of moods and I’m not sure we’ll make it there earlier enough to justify the entrance fee.  I am also keeping a close eye on the weather, it’s not supposed to be a good day.  Plus Karl has a friend over lunch and I’ve not seen him for a couple of years, so it would be nice to catch up with him also, over some bacon sarnies, prepared with my massive 2kg sourdough loaf I made yesterday.  More baking tomorrow, as I am making 6 foccacia breads for a friend’s daughters christening. Well best get prepared for my little deliveries and I can hear my son wanting me to play trains with him.  The fun goes on in this household!

Taking orders for Saturday 27th August!!

Aren’t the evenings drawing in!!  I am off to bed in a bit and it won’t be too soon.  I have had a very busy week with my proper job and lots to do over the bank holiday, including baking lots more lovely bread.    I have a liquid levain brewing in the kitchen (for my own sourdough, experimental only at this stage) and I’d like voice a quick reminder to place your orders with me for this Saturday, by 9pm tomorrow.  email me at jo@josloaves.co.uk or drop me a text.

 To all my followers (are there any yet???) I wish you a very good evening, and an even better weekend!

Today, I will mostly be enjoying – my home-made Sour-dough

I cannot tell you how excited I am about tucking into my very own sour-dough loaf, (as we speak!) which has been maturing overnight.
 I realise that this is not my usual bake-and-deliver fresh loaf (btw I have 3 bulks of dough on primary rise at the moment for today’orders) but I think this could be the beginnings of the rise of sour dough in Luton – I ask myself  are we ready for that yet?
It all started a year ago, when I created my rye starter – basically this is a natural leaven made from just flour and water – an alternative to fresh or dried yeast you get from the shops.  I have been feeding it sporadically and have made a few  loaves on the way, but not to this morning’s standard.  The trick with sourdough is time; I conceived this loaf (and another, destined for my mum’s kitchen table) on Wednesday.  They were baked yesterday and ready for eating this morning.  I am truly spoilt and I hope to spoil others in the future!

BAKING TOMORROW! Saturday, 20th August 2011

Morning to all my new found fresh bread lovers!  I am having a relaxing pre-bake day today, making my lovely home-grown sourdough loaves; not yet perfected (hopefully today), so not yet for sale, but maybe in the future.  I am psyched up for a bumper order for tomorrow, so please check out my loaves menu on this page and place your order by 9pm this evening, either Email me at jo@josloaves.co.uk or text me on 07989 134598. Delivery to Rowington, Tameton and Rylands, else collection only. (pre-arranged).
Thank you!