Today, I will mostly be enjoying – my home-made Sour-dough

I cannot tell you how excited I am about tucking into my very own sour-dough loaf, (as we speak!) which has been maturing overnight.
 I realise that this is not my usual bake-and-deliver fresh loaf (btw I have 3 bulks of dough on primary rise at the moment for today’orders) but I think this could be the beginnings of the rise of sour dough in Luton – I ask myself  are we ready for that yet?
It all started a year ago, when I created my rye starter – basically this is a natural leaven made from just flour and water – an alternative to fresh or dried yeast you get from the shops.  I have been feeding it sporadically and have made a few  loaves on the way, but not to this morning’s standard.  The trick with sourdough is time; I conceived this loaf (and another, destined for my mum’s kitchen table) on Wednesday.  They were baked yesterday and ready for eating this morning.  I am truly spoilt and I hope to spoil others in the future!