First Loaves of the day are in.

Just taking 5 minutes to update – I have first batch of loaves in the oven and others rising nicely on the side. So far a stress free bake day, not that making bread is ever stressful, many strenuous and thoughtful moments are had.  My thoughts turn to what to do today- I am in two minds about travelling to a wildlife park today with my son – he’s not in the best of moods and I’m not sure we’ll make it there earlier enough to justify the entrance fee.  I am also keeping a close eye on the weather, it’s not supposed to be a good day.  Plus Karl has a friend over lunch and I’ve not seen him for a couple of years, so it would be nice to catch up with him also, over some bacon sarnies, prepared with my massive 2kg sourdough loaf I made yesterday.  More baking tomorrow, as I am making 6 foccacia breads for a friend’s daughters christening. Well best get prepared for my little deliveries and I can hear my son wanting me to play trains with him.  The fun goes on in this household!