An Apple in the hand is worth 2 in the Loaf?

After what turned out to be a fabulous summer, autumn is now upon us and I’ve already donned my foraging hat.  I happened to spy a couple of apple trees on the side of the road in full fruit mode and as the weather was threatening to produce a major upchuck of wind and rain, I thought it best to take action fairly swiftly.  So packing bags and a small step-ladder into the car, myself and my neighbour – also  a FoFF (Fond of Free Food) braved a downpour to gather as many from the branches as we could manage.  When I say manage, it’s all very well picking bushels and bushels of apples, but there is only so much apple crumble you can eat!  (In fact, I’ve just discovered I can’t eat crumble at all, it disagrees with me dreadfully).  So I decided to put mine into a loaf, and hey presto, the harvest Apple and Walnut loaf was born!  Even if I say so myself, it’s my favourite loaf of the month – wholly delicious and incredibly moreish.