Working Down the List

Surprisingly, Monday is one of my favourite days in the week.  I get up at a reasonable hour, have breakfast with my 3-year old son and then we play for a few hours before he goes to nursery at 11.  On other days, he’s whipped in there from 9, and there is barely enough time to get teeth cleaned, washed and changed before it’s time to head out.  This morning, I was playing with a different variety of dough  – the pink kind – and we moulded it into a treasure map and a pizza.  From 11, my day changes into what I can only describe as a sort of crazed mania, where I work down my A5 list of ‘things to do’ in the hope to cross off as many as possible, before I have to re-collect my son at 5 ‘o’ clock. Writing this blog, being one of them.  As usual, I haven’t quite got everything done (reviewing my rookie website being one – sorry Bro) but I am reasonably contented at seeing more scribbled out lines of text, than actual words, across the page.

I am baking tomorrow – or rather I have prepared my loaves for baking tomorrow; the thing about sourdough bread which is created with a natural yeast, is that it takes time; time to ferment, time to develop the flavour and time to rise.  Sometimes, I wish I was dough.

Next bake days are:

Tuesday 7th November (sorry, too late for orders!)

Thursday, 9th November – Collection from Hullaballoo from 10 until 11.30am
Saturday, 12th November – Collection from 54 Tameton Close Luton 9.45 until 10.30am
Tuesday, 15th November –  Collection from 54 Tameton Close Luton from 11.30am
There will be no baking on Thursday, 17th November.
Saturday, 19th November – Collection from 54 Tameton Close Luton 9.45 until 10.30am

Saturday, 26th November, Christmas Craft Fayre, Stopsley Baptist Church, st Thomas’s Road, Stopsley, Luton, 10am until 2pm, I’ll be there with loaves and aprons. Will tell you about that later).