Save the Butter for ON the Real Bread…

For the last couple of months, I’ve been ensconced in DIY, baking and the Great British Sewing Bee (gotta love that programme).  I am happy to report that my little bakery has officially now moved premises from my
home kitchen and into a little converted barn in Hoo Lane, Great Offley.  I’ve got a fabulous working oven, a mahoosive fridge, a green floor, shelves, racks and basically a dedicated workspace where all my bread is now baked. My hallway has been restored back to a hallway rather than a flour store; I had to chuckle this week as a visiting friend said, oo, “I like your new cabinet;” it fact it was not new at all, just buried for so long, under a hundredweight of locally grown and milled Organic flour…

Did you all see me on the tele last night??  I was on the 6 ‘o clock news on Anglia television (the regional bit of ITV).  Unfortunately, despite actually living in the Anglia region, we don’t get a good signal for Anglia TV so instead we had to watch it on the internet.  If you missed it, you can watch it again by clicking this link:-

Rising Number of Micro Bakeries in East Anglia

I must point out that unfortunately the lovely Claire presenter-lady made a bit of a faux paux and announced that Real Bread was made with just flour, yeast, butter and salt…. I think that my hips would be under incredible strain if I baked my bread with butter instead of water!

A couple of weeks ago I said goodbye to my beloved red Honda Civic and hello to my new compadre, a white VW Caddy!  It has already enjoyed two baths but is mostly looking forward to being decorated with my business logo in a couple of week’s or so, so that I can go and flaunt myself around the neighbourhood.  It’s only a 2-seater, but so far not been a problem and my little junior passenger loves it!

It is very rare for me to do Saturday markets, but this coming Saturday, 12th April I will be at the lovely village of Shillington, Bedfordshire from 10am until 4pm (or until I sell out, that’s if I do of course!).  As well as my usual sourdough loaves and focaccia, , I will also have my raisin and stilton and Roasted Garlic and Herb specials, as well as my very popular sticky hot cross buns, raised with wild yeast for an amazing flavour.  Then next week on Good Friday, (the 3rd Friday of the month) I will be back at Hexton with the last hot Cross Buns of the year.  Whatever shall I do next??