Red Tomatoes and and Christmas Pudding

For the last few weeks I have been watching my picked green tomatoes, turn to a lovely shade of red (and yellow – different variety) in the sunshine and thoughts of making oodles of chutney to use up the rest of the harvest are fading fast.  So instead, (and some might say a little too early) I have turned to my Christmas pudding which is now all steamed and ready for the festive season. I have also been asked to make a Wheatsheaf loaf for my local Children’s Centre at the church – I had to google to see how much work was involved – lots to do but I am up for the challenge.

I am baking today as usual and also Thursday and Saturday morning; I am hoping for a bumper week, and so will be trying to drum up a little more business from my neighbours – who would not want a warm freshly baked loaf for a bacon sarnie brunch!?? Perhaps a vegetarian….