Just Call Me The Bag Lady

It’s half term in the bakery and I have been enjoying spending some time with my little dude.  Recently, for the last farmers market at Hexton, I had some T-shirts made up for my mum and I to wear as ‘uniforms’.  It seemed the right thing do to create a smaller version for my son and I feel no remorse for using him has a human sandwich board, as he truly is my bread’s bread fan.  Just a few weeks ago we had some friends to dinner for a curry and I’d made some naan bread.  I’m sure the teachers at my son’s school must’ve been puzzled to see a 4 year old devour a cream-cheese leftover spiced naan for his packed lunch, but he loved it – nothing goes to waste in our house.

I returned home yesterday to find 50 kilos of French flour on my doorstep, so that I can continue what is fast becoming a bit of an addiction in the bakery – my baguettes!!  I only started making them about 6 or 7 weeks ago and they are very popular.  I’m really pleased as I have been enjoying making little tweaks along the way to master the method and they are now a permanent fixture on my Loaves Menu.

Aswell as catching up with my son and my son’s (my!) friends this week, I’m baking for a NEW farmers market on Friday, at the Village Hall in Great Offley.  It’s from 10am until 3pm and it is being officially opened by Jean Christope Novelli, a local French chef famed for his cookery school and various appearances on the tele.  I think the local press might be there too.  I must say, I am quite excited, particularly as he only lives about 10-15 minutes’ walk from my home and that he might get to taste my bread!No pressure then…  
Next Bakes:-
Friday, 2nd November 10am, Offley Farmer’s Market, Village Hall. 10-3pm, no need to pre-order, just come early before I sell out.  On sale will be:-Wholemeal Rye, Wholemeal Spelt, 40/60, Light Rye, Malted Grain, Sun-dried Tomato Focaccia and Baguettes.
Friday, 9th November 11am, Kings Walden Farmer’s Market, Village Hall. happy to accept advance orders, please by 7pm 5th November.
Tuesday, 13th November  – pre-orders only by 7pm, Saturday, 10th November.
Friday, 16th November 1pm, Hexton Farmer’s Market, St Mary’s Church, happy to accept advance orders, please by 7pm 12th November.