In a Daze, Hol-i-days!

Truth is, I have had so many crazy ideas and material to write into this blog of late, that I’ve just been dazzled by which bits to write about; and then of course, there’s the question of when I am to fit it in to my busy life.  I am currently in the throws of school holidays with I think, the rest of the the week now is pretty much mapped out, I should be able to relax a bit.  (Just a figure of speech, I never relax, you all know that).

I had Offley Farmers’ Market last Friday and massive thanks to my mother-in-law who was able to take Bruce overnight so I could get everything done.  I introduced a new loaf to the event – Roasted Garlic and Herb Flute; this was a big hit and despite attendance numbers at the market being well down, I sold out of these within about 30 minutes.  Sadly, myself and the other stallholders had a really bad day overall; we were not sure if it was the persistent cold weather, the lack of signage in the week running up to the event, or just the fact that it was school holidays that kept people away.  I am hoping things will improve for next time!

Anyway, I have to keep this post short, as I am writing this at the same time as doing some paid work, plus I want to be finished by 9 to watch Broadchurch, (won’t even mention that I am missing Paul Hollywood!)! So with a puffed up chest, slight trepidation but immense excitement, I would like to quietly announce that I will be teaching Real Bread Baking starting this summer, at the Novelli Academy in Tea Green, the home of the very charming, Jean-Christophe Novelli.  I have been a guest Chef there 3 times now and enjoyed every minute.  I am looking forward to planning the first course which is Better Bred Bread on the 3rd July; you can book through the Novelli Website.

Better Bred Bread – New Course for 2013 at the Novelli Academy

Please note the excellent photography skills of Jim Barker who managed to capture a fantastic picture of me (those who no me personally know that I tend to gurn and act the fool at every opportunity!) and also some lovely bread close-ups from my wonderful friend James Berry who has been a supporter of me from the start and was the first to take some great shots for my website in 2011, which I am ashamed to say, is still not built!