Happy New Bakery!

I confess, it is with much delay and hesitancy due to excited disbelief that I finally put virtual pen to cybernetic paper to tell you about another new chapter for Jo’s Loaves.  Back in September, I was presented with the opportunity to move my little empire(?!) from my home kitchen, into a dedicated space provided by a local farmer in one of their outbuildings.   When I finally floated down from the cloud that I zoomed up to (I believe it is fondly known as number 9) I began to put together all manner of plans and budgets and lists.  
Amazingly for me, the unit will have a phase 3 (super juicy) electricity supply, which means I can finally run a proper deck oven, albeit a fairly modest sized one.

The space has been cleared, insulated, painted and a new interior door fitted.  It was originally being used to store old Landrover parts by Jim the on-site mechanic, who will eventually become my next door neighbour; I am envisaging many a summer BBQ with farm sausages and Jo’s baps in return for the odd air filter change for my old Honda.  I digress.  On Monday, my little baking space will enter the next phase of refurbishment with the electrics going in and then hopefully everything else falling into place for the rest of January.
Dare I say it, but by the end of February, I’ll be baking all my loaves in the new oven!  So very, very excited and a little chuffed with myself for making it happen.I am also running 3 baking courses in January and February  and I don’t have any markets for a while, so I’ll probably limit the number of loaves that I’ll bake in the month.  Incidentally, if you would like to learn to bake with me at home (maybe from Le Boulangerie when fully functional!) then I  have 2 spaces left for the 23rd January and I have added two more dates:-
Thursday, 13th MarchThursday, 8th May
Have a look at my course page for further information.
In the meantime, please do still keep contacting me if you need anything as I’ll probably still be able to fit a few things in around my busy schedule and I’ll keep you all informed of my progress in the next few weeks.